Some Pictures of Our Stock

Beech Hay Imminent Force

Our New South African Boer Goat Breeding Stud for 2015 - Beech Hay Imminent Force

Whalandaw Raaka & Whalandaw Luna

Whalandaw Luna got 3rd in the Female Kid Boer Goat 2014.

Malvern 2014 - Myself & Christine Hanks

Myself and best friend Christine Hanks at Malvern 2014, With Whalandaw Luna 3rd Female Boer Goat Kid

Whalandaw Luna 2 to 3 weeks old

My Boer Goat Bucks Whalandaw Rufus and Ruben

Taken in 2013 when they were both 7 month old

Welcome To Whalandaw Boer Goats

My herd of South African boer goats is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We are close to the National Trust stately home of Nostell Priory, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Hepworth Gallery.

I have been breeding Boer Goats since 2010, deciding to come out of horses which I myself have had since been 12 yrs old.

Having had a pet British alpine male goat as a youngster I have always had a fondness for our caprine friends. So after many an hour of study and pondering as to which breed I should divert my time and interest to, the South African Boer Goats came out tops. It was closely followed by the Anglo Nubian goats, of which I have a small number of breeding goats. But primarily I am raising boer goats.

I am a member of the British Goat Society and the British Boer Goat Society. All my breeding boer goats are 100% pure bred Boer Goats.

In my first year raising boer goats my stock was minimal and I bred only bucks which I sold to other boer goat breeders for stud. My second crop of boer goat kids was a little more exciting as we had more breeding stock to kid. Even though we retained some of the female kids and a young buck we still had some female and male kid boer goats for sale.

I am really looking forward to the 2015 breeding season as in June this year I purchased a new stud buck Beech Hay Imminent Force. He took first place for the boer goat class 3 buckling over 1 year under 2 years section and was the champion adult male at the Royal 3 Counties Show 2014. If things go to plan kidding should start in March.

All of my boer goats have free access to mineral supplements. I worm after a herd worm count and all of my stock is routinely vaccinated with lambivac and annually tested for CAE.

In February 2016 the herd was tested clear in our first Johne's test. This adds to our already high health status of SAC accreditation to the CAE scheme and our clear test in 2015 for CLA . All important factors to bear in mind when buying in stock. A healthy animal is a productive animal.

Feel free to email me or use the form on my contact page if you have any enquires, I will do my best to help.

Thank you for looking at my site Cathy

Our New Purchase Boer Goat Champion Beech Hay Imminent Force

Our New Purchase Boer Goat Champion Beech Hay Imminent Force

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