Whalandaw Boer Goats First Export Sale – Whalandaw Ravi

whalandaw boer goats ravi in isle of man

Whalandaw Ravi’s New Home – The Isle of Man On 9th February 2015 Whalandaw Boer Goats,  having gained our accredited CAE status from SAC were able to export our first boer goat buck, Whalandaw Ravi.  Whalandaw Ravi was sold to Graham Taylor on the Isle of Man to help improve his … Continue reading

Our Breeding Boer Goats Are Now CAE Accredited By SAC

boer goat breeding triplets born january 2015

  As of February 2015 our breeding boer goats stock has been passed by the SAC as been clear of CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) and also CLA (Caseous Lymphadenitis). This is a nationally accredited scheme in the UK for members of the CAE/MV accredited goat and sheep scheme which is run by SAC. … Continue reading