Boer Goat Breeders Junior Assessors Course 2013

Celia Burnett-Smith  Boer Goat Brreders  Junior Assessors Course 2013

The 2013 British Boer Goat Society Junior Assessors Course was held over the 18th and 19th of May 2013.  It was held in Suffolk at the joint venue of Angela King (Ashtree Farm Meats) and Nichola Knott (Topknot Boer Goats).

There were 12 members in attendance with the level of experience ranging from hobby breeders like myself, to full time commercial breeders. Over the two days we had the opportunity to see a good range of animals from both Angela and Nichola’s herds. We also had plenty of time to do some networking and get to know the other boer goat breeders that were there.

Boer Goat Breeders Standards

The main focus of the event was the talks given by  Engel Kupers and Celia Burnett-Smith (Terraparks Boer Goat Stud). Both of the talks were on the British Boer Goat Society breed standards. These are the standards that we should be aiming for with our boer goat herds.  Both presenters explained the standards clearly, in a very relaxed atmosphere and each gave a hands on demonstration.

Engel Kupers -  Junior Assessors Course for Boer Goat BreedersI thought that this was a very informative event and gained lots of new knowledge from it. I will definitely be putting my new gained knowledge into practice as I am sure most of the other boer goat breeders will be also.

Should the society run another course in the future then I would highly recommend that anyone interested in breeding boer goats to attend.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a hobby breeder or a commercial breeder the course would still be beneficial to you. The knowledge gained is invaluable to getting the best from your herd. You can also share ideas and swap tips with the other boer goat breeders there.

And what’s more it is a great weekend,  you get to meet other like minded people with a passion for Boer goats.

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