Boer Goat Breeding Buck Whalandaw Ravi Has First Kids

boer goat breeding buck ravi in isle of manOn the 9th February 2015 Whalandaw Boer Goats sold and exported our boer goat breeding buck Whalandaw Ravi to Graham Taylor from the Isle of Man.  As a lot of the goats in Grahams herd come from feral goats he was looking for a boer goat buck to put new blood into them and help his herd improve. Graham was looking to make the kids more productive and improve the meat carcass on them.

After his short ferry trip across to the Isle of Man, having a checkup from Grahams vet and a short period of isolation, Whalandaw Ravi was introduced to the girls in Graham’s herd. Graham told us that Whalandaw Ravi settled in with the girls really quickly.

In early September 2015 we were informed by Graham that Whalandaw Ravi was now the proud father of 3 kids. As Graham breeds from these kids his herd will strengthen and no doubt  Whalandaw Ravi will father some more kids in the not too distant future.

We wish Graham and his herd all the best for the future.

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