Goat Breeders AI Inseminators Course

Boer Goat Breeders Certificate of Insemination

On the 4th January 2016, I took the AI Inseminators Course run by Christine Ball of Goat Genetics.

The course was split into 3 sections, structure and function, the theory of Artificial Insemination and finally the practical side of Artificial Insemination.

The first part of the course, structure and function, taught us about the anatomy and physiology of the reproduction systems of goats, both male and female.

The second part of the course, the theory of Artificial Insemination started with the history and the development of goat AI with the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. We followed that up by covering, Hygiene, the British Goat Society rules and regulations for AI plus how to handle Liquid Nitrogen safely.

The final part of the course was the practical, where we got to practice what we had been taught.

After completing the practical application part of the course successfully, I am now a British Goat Society approved AI Inseminator. Being an approved AI Inseminator will enable me to use various AI buck semen on my own herd. This will help to develop the breeding of my Boer Goat herd by giving the girls a more individual selected mate to enhance her type rather than just blanket across the whole herd with one buck.

I am currently looking forward to our first AI kids which are due on the 2nd of February 2016.

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