Our Breeding Boer Goats Are Now CAE Accredited By SAC

South African Boer Goat - Beech Hay Imminent Force- breeding boer goats stud male


As of February 2015 our breeding boer goats stock has been passed by the SAC as been clear of CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) and also CLA (Caseous Lymphadenitis).

This is a nationally accredited scheme in the UK for members of the CAE/MV accredited goat and sheep scheme which is run by SAC.

What is Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis is a chronic viral disease which at present is difficult to diagnose on just clinical signs. Currently there is no cure or vaccine for CAE and it therefore proves fatal for the goats.

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis can affect the joints, the nervous system, lungs and the udders of the goats. It can also be transmitted between the animals and herds.  Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis  has similaritys with the virus that causes Maedi Visna (MV) in sheep stock.  There has been evidence of cross infection occuring between the species.

How Do You Become Accredited

To be accredited by the SAC we have to keep all our breeding boer goats stock separate from any non accredited goats/sheep that we have at all times. Our stock had two blood tests, taken between 6 and 12 months apart. Both of these blood tests came back negative for CAE. We also had to get a certificate from out Vet stating that our holding does comply with all of the scheme rules and conditions.

To maintain our accreditation we will have to have a proportion of our herd blood tested again next year and then every two years. Once we have been accredited for three years then we will just be tested every three years.

We now have our certificates of status for selling and moving SAC CAE Scheme goats, giving the buyers of our stock the peace of mind to know they are buying healthy breeding boer goats they can add to their herd without worry.

breeding boer goats triplets born january 2015The picture to the right shows our first set of triplets in 2015. In late January four of our breeding does produced 9 healthy boer goat kids. 8 females and 1 male. With two sets of triplets. And the last of our does to breed for this year, Intakelane Robin, gave us our third set of healthy triplets on the 26th March. She gave birth to 2 males (weighing in at 5kg & 3.8kg) and 1 female (weighing in at 5kg).

Our newly bought boer goat stud male Beech Hay Imminent Force has sired a healthy set of boer goat kids for us. Our herd is growing from strength to strength each year.

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