New sire in 2016

Davel uk Calder daughters 2018 . Whalandaw Celest, Cilla & Ariel along with there dams.

Davel uk Calder doe kids 2017 @Celtic boer goats Eire.


Davel uk Calder .

In 2016  we bought in Davel uk Calder a full blood buck kid  from Ian Johnson of Dalbury Stud in Derbyshire.  His growth rates and conformation were impressive and our aim was to try to add some extra length to any future breeding stock.    We were pleased with his offspring and in late spring 2017,  were lucky enough to get 3 doe kids from 4 kids which were bred that year.  We also dipped our toe in the genetic arena and had some semen taken from him for future breeding programs.  Davel uk Calder has matured into a well mannered buck with various offspring now on the ground.  He has produces us some lovely  feminine does which we are very pleased with and we are looking forward to his daughters kids in 2019.




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