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On this page you will find the Whalandaw boer goats for sale. We sometimes sell our bucks, does and kids. You can see pictures of our boer goat bucks and our boer goat does.

All of our stock has been bred with 100% pure bred South African boer goats and are registered with the British Boer Goat Society. We also now have our SAC CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) Scheme certificates of status for selling and moving  goats. As well as the herd has been sown to be free of CLA (Caseous Lymphadenitis). This shows that our boer goats for sale are all healthy boer goat breeding stock which you can use for breeding your own herd of boer goats.

In February 2016 the herd was tested clear in our first Johne’s test. This adds to our already high health status of SAC accreditation to the CAE scheme and our clear test in 2015 for CLA .

All important factors to bear in mind when buying in stock.

A healthy animal is a productive animal.

Please see below what boer goats we currently have for sale.

100% stud Buck from High health status herd. (18/07/2016) – Sold

100% Stud Buck from High health status herd. SAC accredited, CLA whole herd clear and first Johnes tested clear Jan 2016.
BBGS Registered.

Boer Goat Stud For sale - Beech hay Imminent ForceBeech Hay Imminent Force
Dob 29/11/12.
By Beech Hey Hero out of Top Knott Tinkerbell.
Champion Buckling Malvern 2014
Sire to various show winning stock.

Good to handle and knows his job.
Ready for the forthcoming season. Foot trimmed, wormed,up to date with vaccinations.
Only for sale as related to daughters retained in herd.


South African Boer Goat For Sale Imminent Force For Sale Stud Boer GoatWhalandaw Boer Goats
Tel: 01977 610503 / 07512407125
Based in Yorkshire. Transport may be arranged if unable to personally collect.
Thank You.
If you would like any more information please use the contact form and we will get back to you.


A small selection of 4 Females for sale (17/05/2016)

If you would like any more information please use the contact form and we will get back to you.

Boer Goat female For Sale 2 of Our Female South African Boer Goats For Sale

2 Female Goat Kids For Sale (16/05/2015) – Sold

We currently have 2 female goat kids for sale, both are 50% boer and 50% Anglo Nubian. They can be registered if required. They are both ready now at weaning and have been horned, and are up to date with vaccinations, foot trimmed, worked and ear tagged.

They are both from our cae accredited herd and have been CLA tested clear.

If you would like anymore information then please use the contact form to get intouch with us.

boer goat female kid for salefemale kid boer goat for sale

Limited Boer Goats For Sale (28/03/2015) – Sold

Due to this years breeding program producing 12 healthy boer goats (9 females and 3 males). We are currently taking enquiries for a limited amount of stock. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please use the contact form and we will keep you informed. 

Boer Goat Buck Kid For Sale (23/06/2015) – Sold

Whalandaw Latent heat boer goat for saleWhalandaw Latent Heat boer goat buck kid – British Boer Goat Society registered out of Intakelane Lola (3rd Adult Female Malvern 2014). Sire Beech Hay Imminent Force (Male Champion Malvern 2014)

Date of Birth 12/1/2015

Been in ribbons at Welsh Spring Festival 2015 and Three Counties Show Malvern 2015.

He is from our SAC, CAE accredited herd and CLA test clear.

If you would like anymore information then please use the contact form to get intouch with us.

Whalandaw Ruben 19 months old buckling - boer goats for saleWhalandaw Ruben South African Boer Goat Buck - boer goats for sale


Whalandaw Ruben my 19 month old buckling is for sale. He is a Grade 0 and Registered with the British Boer Goat Society. A very nice starter buck.

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