Intakelane Letty – Supreme Champion Boer Goat At Royal Welsh Spring Festival

Whalandaw Intake Lane Letty RWAS Supreme Champion Boer Goat RWAS 2016

Royal Welsh Spring Festival 24 may 2016

We packed up and took a part of our herd of South African Boer goats down to Wales to show them in the Royal Welsh Spring Festival. After getting stuck in traffic on the way down eventually we got there,and it was definitely worth going as we came home with a good collection of rosettes from the boer goats that we showed.

Whalandaw Imperial Boer Goat Buck Kid 2nd At RWAS 2016The star of the show was our Boer Goat adult doe Intakelane Letty who won the Adut Boer Goat Doe Champion and also the  Boer Goat Supreme Champion. This was the first time that we have showed her since buying her 5 years ago as a kid.

We also managed to come away with some ribbons for our Boer Goat buck kid Whalandaw Imperial and his sister Whalandaw Gale. Our two Boer Goat goatlings did not let us down either when they picked up ribbons as well.

You can get the full results for the Royal Welsh Spring festival 2016, but our results where:

1st Adult Doe Boer Goat, Champion Femal and Supreme Champion

Intake Lane Letty 

Boer Goat Buck kid Class – 2nd Whalandaw Imperial

Boer Goat Doe Kid Class – 2 Whalandaw Gala

Boer Goat Goatling Class – 3rd Whalandaw Eclipse

Boer Goat Goatling Class – 4th Whalandaw La Nina

Below are some pictures of the Boer Goats we took to the show.

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